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Cosplay Costume Store

Remembering the fun times you had at Halloween dressing up as your favorite cartoon or movie character? Maybe you just liked running around the house with a cape and pretending you were saving the world. Why wait for one day a year and take that pretend time up to the next level, discover the world of Cosplay. Back in 1984, a journalist noted at the WorldCon in California the detail and dedication of some of the costumed fans and reported this in his magazine. Thus Cosplay, or Costume Play, was born. It's a worldwide opportunity for fans of many genres including science-fiction, manga, anime, live action movies etc. to be that character sometimes for just their own reasons or to show others their skills in designing costumes like those in the movies or comics.

When you're planning your cosplay costume, and your sewing skills aren't the best, consider Here you can find costumes that reach across many different interests. Good places stay up to date with current hit movies, cartoons and games so if you really have to Anna from Frozen or the Black Widow or even want to cross and be Altair from the Assassins Creed series, they have different sizes and if you can't afford the full costume, you can get bits and pieces to put your own together. Look for accessories sections for things like wigs and gloves and the places that really look out for the community and offer a flea market type environment for people that have designed great costumes or accessories and no longer need or use them and have listed them for sale to a market that appreciates cosplay costume and the passion that goes into it.

Depending on the event you're going to, the time you're going to be at the event, it should be a factor on the complexity of your costume. You can have a really detailed working Transformers costume but if you're by yourself, all day, and you need to use the bathroom, it's going to be awkward. Make up can run, fabric can tear, so plan on repair options and ease of use. Cosplay can be fun, liberating and get your photo on a major news outlet if it's good. Enjoy the experience, use a good site for your choice and live the dream.